Monday, 10 October 2016

Narrative: Production Art so far: Characters, Props and Environment

By Mark ^

By Manisha ^

By Lewis ^

By Manisha ^

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  1. Dear all - so are we in a kind of 'bidding war' re. character design/art direction - is this a 'choosing' moment in terms of the various character designs? Is everyone drawing everything or is someone in charge of one thing/something? Is this post seeking an answer/preference/opinion or is it evidence that everyone is having a go? For me there's just not a huge difference between any of the examples above, so not sure what the purpose of this collection is - are you signing off on something, or is there still a debate? (I'm just passing, so ignore me if this archiving!). To my eyes at least, it looks as if you're all in the same place on this pretty much?